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By Mick Hart

Announcing The FULL LAUNCH Of The New...

"Layman's Guides to Steroids"
Episode III: Return of the Syringe

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(Not long ago, in a gym not that far away....)

A Personal Message from Mick Hart

Thursday 4:00 pm GMT

     Dear Friend,

f you're serious about gaining serious, rock hard, head turning, lean muscle, quickly and safely, then set aside 10 minutes now to learn about... "The Layman's Guide to Steroids Episode III: Return of the Syringe" - it may very well be the most important ten minutes you have ever invested in your bodybuilding efforts!

     Here's why... (but first, why not let me send you some detailed information about the Layman's Guides III by email, and I'll include some great audio recordings of  myself talking about steroids and their use)...

Before You Continue: Let Me Send You Some Free Audio Recordings And Other Great Steroid And Bodybuilding Info Which I Made When I Was Putting Together The Layman's Guide III...

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...Most People Piss About In The Gym For Years And Don't Have Any Significant Results To Show For It

     ...But that won't happen to you (not any more). Below I'll detail precisely why. But first a little explanation:

     It's a fact that anyone who has spent any time in a gym knows... most people simply don't achieve any significant results - they never manage to achieve the lean muscle which they originally hoped to.


     Two main reasons: 1) They don't have the dedication and/or 2) They don't have the correct information - they simply don't know how to train, how to eat correctly, and use gear correctly.

     And until you do have the correct information my friend, you will NEVER produce any notable gains - even if you have buckets full of dedication!

     Yet don't think it's easy to get the information you need. It's not. Most people simply can't tell you because they don't know either! But don't worry...

     ...If you need some guidance, then I have excellent news for you. News that may mean the biggest gains of your life are just around the corner.

     Today I'm going to show you how to cut down the wasted time and unneccessary learning curve you would otherwise have to go through (to get awesome results) to the absolute mimimum and give you on a silver plate...

  • 8 proven cycles
  • 3 proven nutrition plans (to gain mass and cut for that lean ripped look)
  • 8 proven training routines

     ...that are all GUARANTEED to pack on muscle, and help you get in the very best physical shape of your life QUICKLY...

     ... and I'll show you how to do it with NO crazy "Over The Top" cycles, no health risks, no acne, no water retention, no bitch tits, no fat, no abuse, no side effects... NONE!

     There is no doubt in my mind that the information in the Laymans' Guide Episode III will save you months or (more likely) years of wasted time in the gym trying to figure out which training information works.

     It will save you hundreds or (more likely) thousands of dollars which you may be wasting on certain supplements that you simply DON'T need; or steroids for dangerous "OTT" cycles that most (ill-informed) people seem to take these days!

     It will provide you with the most direct and safe path to your goals. Not in days, not in weeks (as some stupid websites would try to have you believe), but over time - depending on your goals of course - this information WILL take you there.

     You already know that my son Chris went from ZERO to British Championship qualifier in less than 1 year following my advice, cycles, diets and training plans... so you know what's possible. Even so many people with their job, family commitments or whatever, simply can't put in the time and devotion Chris did...

     ...That's why I want to show you a great recent example of a student of mine - so you see what is also possible for you.    

 Here's What You CAN Achieve When
You Follow The Correct Information

     Meet "Steedee" (Steve Chester) who in just 30 months, starting from zero (as you can see) achieved a life long goal to compete... and came in 4th in his first ever competition!

     Let him tell you his story:

"I got pissed off with the drugs lifestyle & wanted to make some big changes... I followed Mick's advice to the letter and I managed to achieve a dream that I had had from a child... To step on stage & compete. On the 27th November 2005 that happened & I was in the best shape of my life!"

"I bought the Laymanís guides and Chris report in March 2003. I followed the Chris Report religiously. I wanted to look like Chris and I knew if I followed what I had in front of me then it should work.

"Within the first 3 Weeks the gains I had made where amazing!! I have pics to prove it!!! After my first cycle I gained 27lbs!! I couldnít believe the transformation that was happening before my eyes.

"I had spoken to Mick several times as he always assured me that at any time if I needed any help to pick up the phone, something I couldnít take in as which other author would allow you to do this?

"I followed his advice to the letter and I managed to achieve a dream that I had had from a child. To step on stage and compete...

"...On the 27th November that happened and I was in the best shape of my life!!!

"I don't know how I can ever thank Mick for the encouragement and belief that he set into me. I have never ever believed any so called hype when it comes to advertisements, but what Mick boasts he backs up and then some.

"I used to be a club DJ partial to the odd line of coke etc and was generally a skinny bloke. I got pissed off with the drugs lifestyle and wanted to make some big changes. I used to love weights and bodybuilding as a kid so went looking for info about the bodybuilding lifestyle. I stumbled across Mick Hart.

"I wouldnít hesitate in sending anyone that wants to make a serious change to their physique, lifestyle and overall well being, to Mick. He really can make a champion out of anybody!"

- Steve Chester
(Now The NEW Assitant Editor to the No Bull Collection)

     And what about this great story from firefighter Alan... when most guys at 50 are on the fast track to becoming an old man - look what he achieved using the knowledge from my Layman's Guides To Steroids:

"At a late age of 48 I had a hard time remembering things, lethargic, depressed, no energy for anything, especially sex. But just 2 years later after following Mick's advice I'm in the BEST shape of my life!"

"Dear Mick,

I have been a firefighter for 29 years, after taking a desk job several years ago I kind of let myself go to crap.

At a late age of 48 I had a hard time remembering things, lethargic, depressed, and no energy for anything, especially sex, (was lucky to even get a erection let alone keep one.

I went to my family doctor who did a physical and I found my test level to be 290.

He told me that it was fine and prescribed viagra for the rest of my life...NOT.

I started to do research on my own and found that I was a classic canadate for andropause or whatever they are now calling it.

In my four month search for information I came across your website and gained a tremendous insight into steroid use.

Armed with this info I set out in search of a rehab clinic and after several found one in West Palm Beach that was very reputable... after several conversations I started in their program and used the beginning cycles recommended in the layman's guides.

I started to work out again after a layoff of 15 years. Although my goal was to just feel better I quickly got back into the workout routine.

I started with a light 3 day workout for the for the first 6 weeks and then used the 3 day program in the Layman's Guides.

I used that program for 5 months and switched to the 5 day program and have been on it ever since.

I now feel better than I have in 20 years and for the first time in my life actually have a six pack.

My energy and libido have gone through the roof, to the delight of my wife, and I have to attribute it to the information gained from the No Bull ezines and the Layman's Guides.

I am excited about LG3 having just purchased it. I followed 2 basic cycles, 2 intermediate cycles and 1 advanced as recommended by your guides.

At 50 I feel fantastic and now have a goal to compete at 55 in an amateur contest.

Thanks, the information for sane safe steroid use has been life changing Sincerely,

- Alan McLaughlin

PS. The rehab center can only supply deca, sust, win, test cyp and and test eth, the only other gear used was Dbol in the last advanced cycle obtained from another source."

- Alan
(Now 50 years old)

          What Steedee and Alan have achieved - so can you. The Layman's Guides III contains the cycles, diets and training routines for you to achieve the same, it's as simple as this...

...If You Use The Information In My Layman's
Guides To Steroids - I Guarantee You Results...

      I have gathered, used and taught these "shortcut secrets" during more than 25 years of hard-core training (for myself, world-class bodybuilding champions, pro athletes, Olympic athletes, and thousands more...).

     And in a few minutes you'll be able to download yourself a copy of them, and make a massive difference in your results - starting today!

     One of the shortcuts to success in this game (and most other things in life for that matter) is to...

Find What Is Working (Safely And
) And Model It...

     This is your chance to get hold of REAL information that works. And let me make one thing very clear for you - you can go to any search engine now and type in "steroid cycle" or whatever and you'll find dozens, or maybe even hundreds of free cycles there...

So Why Are These Different?

     I'll tell you why these are different, and I'm not going to even try and be humble in doing so...

     ...These cycles, diets and training routines were made by me. They work. They have been used many times before by students of mine, and each time they have achieved truly excellent results... and they will do so for you as well!

     If you simply follow them you WILL make gains. You WILL add lean muscle mass, and you WILL make massive progress.

So Who The Hell Am I... And Why Am I 
Qualified To Say All Of These Things?

     My name is Mick Hart, and my friend - I am the real deal! In this game I have "been there, done it and got the T-shirt to prove it". I personally know, (and am lucky to consider as friends), many of the legends of this sport. 

     Here's a few highlights of my achievements and experience which demonstrate exactly why I can make the claims I just have!

  • I am a fully qualified BAWLA Olympic grade A Coaching Instructor and have been in professional bodybuilding now for about 30 years in which time I have become one of the leading authorities in the sport.

  • Writer of two best sellers on the subject of steroids. And I own, design, print and publish the monthly magazine "NO BULL COLLECTION" which is "killing the opposition" and which is fast becoming the top cult steroid read in the world. 

  • In bodybuilding, not only have I competed at a high level myself, but I have coached and trained no less than 80 first places, 70 seconds and more than 20 thirds in the last four years alone - many at the highest levels too! I have also trained MANY champions.

  • As for steroid advice, cycling and safety methods, many of the worldís TOP proís have sought my advice, and still do on a daily basis, and not only bodybuilders, the list includes Olympic athletes and many other pro athletes from many sports.

  • I am the leading Bodybuilding and Steroid Advisor to the British Media including the BBC and ITV (the two principal British TV channels) and have appeared many times now on TV and Radio in the UK.

  • I have also written for all of the leading Bodybuilding magazines MuscleMag etc, and many other very famous globally distributed magazines such as FHM, Later, Men's Health etc. 

  • And have designed AND built 479 gyms and clubs all over the UK which include Scotland Yard, Houses of Parliament, No. 10 Downing Street, Oil companies, Shell, Texaco, Philips Petroleum etc etc.

     Frankly I could go on and on. I mean I could tell you that some of the athletes I have trained (some non-bodybuilders) are Olympic athletes, champion boxers, pro football (soccer) and rugby players, and some of these people are BIG household names.

     I could tell you that most of the UK media consults me almost everytime they need some steroid knowledge or there is some steroids scandal in the news. I could also say that I have appeared in all forms of media in the UK, including TV, radio, mags and newspapers many times. This isn't an occasional thing - I have just finished an interview with the BBC.

     I could tell you that information from my steroid books has been used by the British medical advisory council (I had to remove the fucks). 

     I am also considered, by those who know about these things, to be the best looking and sexiest steroid writer and guru ever (OK, I just made that bit up to see if your paying attention).

     I'm sure you now get the picture, I hope so. I know my stuff, and enjoy sharing it with people who will use it!

     Now let's take...

...A Quick Look Inside "The Layman's Guide
To Steroids
Episode III: Return of the Syringe"

     Here's what you find inside:

  • Why this report was written and who's it for - the LG3 is for novice users, which in my opinion includes most people who "think" they know what they are doing! The biggest problem most people have is they start steroid use 3 or 4 steps up the ladder, this section is vital to ensure you're starting at the right place.
  • Why does anyone choose to use steroids - are you using steroids at the right stage of your development or too early? This will explain the "sticking points" and "plateaus" which may mean the time is right for you to consider gear. You obviously shouldn't take gear if you don't need to... this will help you make an intelligent decision.
  • Learn about "Over The Top" cycles and what is regarded as too much - don't take any steroid cycles until you read this part. OTT cycles are one of the most dangerous aspects of steroid use and surround the novice continually, this section will allow you to spot these hazardous and unneccesary cycles and choose your's wisely. "Once it's in you can't take it out" - so make sure you only put in the amount you need. (I assure you this advice is NOT easily available anywhere)
  • Age differences and steroids - learn why age and steroid use are important, both the younger and older steroid users mistakenly think they are those least at risk from steroid side effects - youth or age is NO defence against ignorance, and the price of ingorance can be VERY high. You must know this stuff!
  • Products a beginner should be wary of and why - basically as a novice there are steroid options that you simply shouldn't even consider, the problem is most people can't tell you what they are! Taking guesses or using a "fingers crossed" theory (as too many do) is a certain path to danger and is plain fucking stupid, especially nowadays with counterfeits which can be very unforgiving and dangerous - even on first injections. This section will help you avoid those dangers
  • Steroids and cycles a beginner should consider and why - invaluable if you're a beginner. Here you'll find exactly what to use. Any successful project should  begin with preparation, planning and good intention. If these aren't in place then all the media dangers you have read about will MOST DEFINITELY rear their ugly heads and you may well pay the price. This section will show you safe, yet extremely effective beginners cycles.
  • Steroids and cycles for an "advancing" beginner - when you move to the next stage you need to know what to take. Some people mistakenly think that the only difference between a beginners and an advanced users cycle is the amount. This section will arm you with the knowledge to question those theories, and offer you proven, and safe advanced cycles.
  • HGH and the beginner - it is important to note the HGH can be effective in small amounts in combination with the right AS cycle - don't believe the hype about more is better. There is an optimal amount (for the beginner especially), and I'll explain it all to you.
  • Can we date gear info...? (and why this will piss off a lot of publishers and authors) -  there are only so many steroids in the world today  and there is only so much that we can write about what a particular drug can do, we can play with the combination of drugs, but we cannot change what they are. There is only so much I can write about Deca, but other authors make their living explain all the thousands of generic versions. I'll show you all you need to know, the rest is just "fluff".
  • Sourcing your gear - a tricky topic, no doubt. Here I'll briefly offer you tips that can save you being ripped off buying crap (which can at best produce no results, and at worst kill you)! I can't give you a definitive answer to where to source your gear, but a few excellent pointers yes. NOTE: In an email follow up to anyone who grabs a copy of the LG3 I will recommend the ONLY website I think you should visit if you need to buy gear online.
  • Where to buy pins - such a small item, but such a big hassle to buy! Not any more, you'll never need to worry about this again. I'll give you the website where to go and get them quickly, easily and cheaply!
  • A simplified injection procedure - piss easy instructions with photos that even Homer Simpson could follow... means no more painful injections, just safe and simple from now on.
  • Home and "commercial" training systems - training at home can be just as effective as in a gym when you know how, I'll teach you to make the most of ANY workout where ever you are. The home gym workouts have been configured to mimic the commercial gym routines... and in many cases they can be more effective if you follow my advice!
  • Why diet is so important - 90% of people will fail in bodybuilding due to diet, either they'll get fat or won't gain any weight at all. Both aspects create lack of confidence and belief in what they're doing, and halts all progress. You can't get big unless your diet is regular and complete. Above anything else diet should be top of the list of bodybuilding priorites, and I'll show you the simplest way to make that happen for you.
  • Suggested diet tips and plans for weight loss and maintenance and for mass gain - here, in the simplest, yet most powerful way I know, I will give you diet and nutrition tips which are EASY to follow and simple enough to KEEP doing.
  • A detailed glossary of bodybuilding terms - so that nothing I mention in the Guide is unclear. I even explain the word "bollocks" for those who don't yet fully understand it's true meaning :-)

     I don't want to go into a massive explanation of everything that you'll find, so I've made a screenshot of the actual index/contents of the guides here to help give you a fuller picture:

     If you want to get a feel for the writing style, and content of the LG3 then why not read the first 10 pages now. Just click on the blue link in this little box (this will open conveniently in a new window):

To read the first 10 pages of the
Layman's Guide Episode III click here

What This Guide Isn't

     Let me talk a little and explain what the LG3 isn't. Firstly it's not an AtoZ on bodybuilding and steroids. It's not the only information you will ever need. It's not meant to offer you a "magic bullet" or 4 week shortcut to massive gains....

     ...I leave all the stupid claims to other "gurus" and websites aimed at dumb people. By the way there are some "muscle gain" websites that truly piss me off because of the outright lies they tell.

     The LG3 is not 500 pages of content, it doesn't offer definitive descriptions of all the types of steroids. It doesn't have a list of suppliers, (although I will include in one of the emails I will send to anyone who purchases the LG3, details of the ONLY website I suggest you visit to get REAL supplier information). It doesn't list hundreds of different systems or useless theory.

What This Guide Is

     ...The Layman's Guide to Steroids: Episode III - Return of the Syringe is the next step in my Layman's Guide Series. It's there to fill in the gaps and answer the questions that the previous Layman's Guides I and II left.

     BUT it can easily be bought on it's own, and benefited from hugely.

     In this Guide there are cycles, nutrition plans and training routines that simply work. And as I've said a few times already... if you USE them you WILL witness some EXCELLENT gains, but most of all you'll do it safely!

     This is meant to be an action guide. Pick your diet, training routines and cycle, and follow it... no guesswork, just results based on PROVEN systems. That's what the LG3 offers... not fireside reading for the next few months.

     If you buy the LG3 and say "What a good read", then I have failed... If you buy the LG3 and add 30lbs of lean mass safely in the next 12 months, then I have succeeded in my aim for the Guide.

     That's what the LG3 is all about!

Is The Layman's Guide
to Steroids III For You?

     If you're looking for PROVEN cycles, diets and training routines that WILL make you grow, then yes, this is for you. If you want to increase your overall knowledge of bodybuilding and steroids by learning from the experience of someone who has spent a lifetime in the game, then yes, this is for you.

     If you don't fall into those categories then it's probably not for you.

Read This Feedback To See If The
Layman's Guide III Is For You..

"...Any individual who trains seriously simply MUST own, read, and re-read everything in your complete Layman's Guides. It should be mandatory. There is no question they would achieve more, and do it MUCH more safely..."

"Mick, this is awesome! We knew when you mentioned your plans for LG3 a while ago that it would be great, and it truly is. Anyone who owns your Layman's Guides I II and now III will certainly have an immeasurable advantage over anyone who trains without this knowledge.

"Any individual who trains seriously simply MUST own, read, and re-read everything in your complete Layman's Guides. It should be mandatory. There is no question they would achieve more, and do it MUCH more safely.

"Again Mick, we take our hat off - great work!"

- http://www.steroid-encyclopaedia.com

"Want to transform your body, build confidence and look and feel your best? Then this book is for you. All you need now is will power to do it - it's up to you!"

"The long awaited Laymans Guide III - yet again Mick produces the goods in his No Bull style. Not only does he give you his advise on proven tried and tested cycles, but what you are getting here is not just a book - but a bible of bodybuilding with proven safe methods put together through years of experience.

"Tell me where else would you get advice on training with pics of how to do the exercises, the diets and proven steroid cycles that if  followed would transform your physique and take it to a level that you could only dream of.

"Even if you never took a steroid and just followed the routines and diet you would be amazed at the results. Not only do you get the Laymans Guide III but the update on the Chris Report - wow if you don't get excited about this book then you are brain dead, and if your not brain dead you must be cabbaged if this doesn't make you want to get out there and do it.

"I know this is written from the heart and I personally know that Mick would not of put something in there that he didn't have personal experience of with your safety in mind.

"His son and many others, like myself are living proof of what can be achieved following his methods.

"Want to transform your body and build confidence and look and feel your best? Then this book is for you. All you need now is will power to do it - it's up to you!"

- Andy Coonan
Mick Hart Student

"...this book is full of information, diet, training routines and tips that takes the Laymans Guides series to another level..."

"Mick Hart has written for the bodybuilding world for years and has been a mind of information to 1000s of bodybuilders worldwide, most having read his Laymans Guides 1 & 2 are itching to see the next one.

"Well here it is and what a book, packed full of information that will take you from the moment you start lifting up to the moment you step on stage at your first contest and beyond, this book is full of information, diet, training routines and tips that takes the Laymans Guides series to another level.

"If you enjoyed Laymans 1 & 2 the you will love Laymans Guide 3.

"Well done Mick, I`ll enjoy reading this over and over again knowing it will keep me thinking and improving".

- Paul Langridge
Mick Hart Student

"...Mick's reputation and knowledge are what draw most people to seek his advice. But it's his genuine care, concern, and unselfish sharing of that knowledge that amazes me and others..."

"If you want to learn about the proper use of steroids, training, and diet, the Laymanís Guide 3 is all you need.

"Mick lays everything out in an easy to read and follow format, sharing what has worked for himself and his clients for over thirty years.

"Health and Safety are paramount and Mick stresses this throughout his book. Mick's reputation and knowledge are what draw most people to seek his advice. But it's his genuine care, concern, and unselfish sharing of that knowledge that amazes me and others, and this can be seen through out this book."

- Scott Goddard
Power Lifter

"I have learnt more from reading this book than I could have possibly imagined! I now feel like I can put into practice safe sensible steroid use without the worry of causing any permanent damage which in my eyes is of upmost importance."

"Well, just read my copy of the Laymans Guide Episode III. WOW! I found it easy to read, easy to follow and above all easy to UNDERSTAND!!!!

"Not only is the book a good read it is also a valuable desk reference which I can at any time pull up the section I need and print it off to use, this is very handy when I want to follow one of the training systems included. Saves me lunking the whole book to the gym and looking like a pratt!

"I have learnt more from reading this book than I could have possibly imagined! I now feel like I can put into practice safe sensible steroid use without the worry of causing any permanent damage which in my eyes is of upmost importance.

"Thanks Mick for a truely excellent product. This has to be the most complete training manual on the market today. Superb!"

- Nathan
Amateur Bodybuilder

"I have added over 30lbs of lean muscle in 2 years... thanks to your coaching... and I now see the same diets, cycles and training systems I used in the new LG3, so I know exactly what people can achieve if they put in their dues..."

"I appreciate all your help Mick. I have added over 30lbs of lean muscle in 2 years, the growth has been steady and solid. No silly fast gains that have ever made people suspect I used gear.

"It works out at about 1 and 1/4 pound a month. Hardly noticeable for much of the time to my friends, and easily believable.

"It's exactly what I wanted to achieve and your coaching made it possible.

"I now see the same diets, cycles and training systems I used in the new LG3, so I know exactly what people can achieve if they put in the action."

- Tyler
Mick Hart Coaching Client

So Now You Know What You Get...
But Much Does It Cost?
     Let me just rant for a minute before we talk about how much the LG3 will cost. I get so many emails (in fact almost daily) from people who complain because they have to pay for some of the information I publish.

     If you are of this nature and you think that everything should be free, then please leave this site now, and go hang around the free forums listening to people (without the slightest fucking idea of what they are talking about) pontificate over bodybuilding, training and gear... With a bit of luck you will still gain some muscle and hopefully not totally screw your body up.

     You see there is a common trait among all successful people - they WILL happily pay for good advice that leads them towards their goals. Go ask any winner.

     The same trait (but the opposite way around) also applies to pretty much all losers. They are always looking for "free stuff", they don't like to pay - even if the information is quality.

     But you know what, I'm glad it's like that. It means losers will always be around, and those who pay for the good advice, and act on it, will always stand out from the crowd becuase of this... whether that be due to their superior physique, or whatever their chosen goal.

     The advice and information you get from me is top class. Don't ever doubt that, even if some fat, bloated, "water carrier" (who thinks he knows what he's talking about), calls my cycles "pussy cycles".
     People who follow my advice will continue to produce serious lean gains - safely; whilst the fat "water carriers" will continue their never ending "mass cycle" and never get rid of their gyno and acne, and never see their abs!
Read This And You'll See What Quality
Information Can Help YOU Achieve
"Thanks Mick For Helping Me
Become World Champion..."


"Hi Mick, Marina here. How are you? Well I hope. Just to let you know I have won the British NPA championships for the third time and just come back from the WNBF and won the worlds.

"And you helped me to become a world champion. Thanks for all your help and advice in the past Mick it paid off."


This Is The Most Recent Feedback From LG3 Owners


 This is the greatest information you will ever get your hands on. I gained 30 lbs and kept 25 lbs using cycle 7 in Laymans Guide 3. There is info on gear, diet, training and more! Definitely recommend this one.

- Craig Smith

The LG3 opened my eyes to the proper way to cycle..I had never even heard of PCT before I got the ebook...

The cycles break everything down so you know just how much and for how long..I wish I would have heard of Mick and his systems sooner but better late than never.

- Grappler516(AT)operamail.com 

I must say if your serious about training , you dont want this, you need this. I would say the best out there for cycling, dieting, and training. I gained 16lbs in 12 weeks, and guess what I only lost 3lbs of it, that's awesome!

- Immanuel

Thanks a million Mick!! Today I've just complete my very first cycle and were it not for your LG III I don't know where I'd be. By the way, I'm 52 years old and heavily involved in the Martial Arts.

- Charles Drust
Rapid City, SD, USA 

It's been about 5 months or so since I got hooked up with Mick Hart's forumn and purchased all his books (LG 1 & 2, Chris Report & NBC). It educated me immensely and the forumn helped motivate me.

When I purchased the books I learned about cycles, diets and useful lifting tips. I went from 43% body fat down to 28...losing 65 lbs in total. My goal is to get to 15% body fat and build muscle...with very low level testosterone (only 43 yrs. old) it had been previously impractical.

The whole thing began when my edocronologist put me on testosterone enthanate for depression...the techniques that I learned while being part of the hart experience, helped me sort out false information given to me by my edocronologist and got me back on the right track.

When LG 3 came out, I had to continue my education from someone who gets it right the FIRST time. This stuff gets 5 stars.

- Brad C.

LG lll is the best resource for information you will ever need, it has guided me through 2 cycles with nutrition and workouts where I have made more gains in 6 months than the last 6 years. I would recommend that it should be in everyone's library as a reference text for steroids nutrition and workouts.

- Paul Lee

Thankyou Mr Hart. Thankyou for putting the time and effort into the Laymans guide, the infomation in the book has been so valuble. Steriods have such a shrowd of mystery and I found.

- Tim

I found LG3 flowed on from LG2, more insight to what happens when you take over the top cycles, a heap of new cycles with up to date gear, these were fantastic and produced great results.

The section which I found really helpful and made a big contribution to my gains was the weekly meal plan, this is the first time I've seen a comprehensive daily meal plan associated with a book on steroids.

Mick has combined it all together in one presentation, cycles, meal plan and training. Great to see his son Chris performing the exercises in the workout section.

The perfect advertisement, see the results Chris has obtained from following Micks principles. This book is a must for all seeking authority on steroid use.

- Jason Barnett

Hi Mick,

I have been training on and off for more than 30 years. I have thought about gear before, but never seriously due to the lack of knowledge. The sources for info many times were not consistent. I purchased LGS I & II, I was blown away by the infomation and the way it was delivered. Mick you make these guides straight forward and easy to read.

I then purchased LGIII, and had the oportunity to to chat with you on the telephone a few times. You are a good mate, and very personable. You answered my questions and our conversations on occasion got off track, but you were ok with that. I have completed 2 cycles this year and have gained about 3o pounds of good weight, and decreased my body fat as well. I plan to do another cycle before the end of the year.

Thanks mate, the gains I have made at 50 years old are better than I ever thought possible. I am in better shape now than when I was 35, no shit! I would and have highly recomended all three LGS to anybody that I come accross and the subject of gear comes up.

Btw, as you know, I hold a Nurse and a retired Psycho-Therapist and have "professional" information available to me over the years. I now know that most of this was not valid info. I thank you for setting the record straight. Be safe, Ed

- Edwin C. Motta

Laymans Guide III is a great resource for anybody of any age, and experience. I have enjoyed the success of the in depth knoweledge and experinces of Mick and feel very lucky that he is out there to share that with us. I have gotten farther then I ever thought I would, and feel safe doing it!

- Roy McLaughlin

An abslute must,for any bodybuilder,great read in depth info on cycles, also pct covered,training tips and great in general overall knowledge.

- Kevin Grout

I found the laymans guide 3 a very useful addition to my collection of laymans guides once again mick has delivered a no bullshit no nonense book with the information we want and need overall micks gives us new stacks info on all the relevent steroids with dosages and effects theres a chapter on steroids for the older man.

Basically its covers novices just starting to train all the way to the pros with clear info on all subjects from training programs,gear stacks,growth hormone,dieting and nutrition etc and safety is paramount all through the book ,wether your just starting out or a vetran this book is a must for all interested in bodybuilding mick writes it as it is nobullshit in a way thats very easy to understand considering that some of the science of it is very complex indeed.

I've gained 2 stone of solid muscle using one of the stacks in the book what more can i say considering the cost of other bodybuilding books that dont give you the info you really want laymans guide 3 is a bargain i use it all the time because the info works.

- Damien Lloyd

Thought LG III was great. It just about answered all the questions I ever wanted to know with out me ever having to ask. Really enjoyed the videos that were included it was a great add on.

The only problem I've encounter thus far, is actually finding the gear that I want over here in the States. It seems like everyone is really into the High adrenergic stuff, and if your not they don't really want anything to do with you.

But just the same thanks for all the GREAT INFO Mick you really kick ass.

- Steve Brown
San Diego, Ca.

I was totaly new to Steriods and thought this is the answer. I was right. It is in very simple terms so even the new commers and understand.

- Josh Boss

I got the Layman's guide III during it's first release. This book is worth it's weight in gold. Should be called the Layman's steriod bible! Mick knows his stuff and your not serious if you get this book and include it in your training!

- Chris Culbert

I recently finished my first steroid cycle, and I have to say that, without the assistance of Mr. Hart's Layman's Guide III, I would not have had the guts to venture out and try that first cycle.

Like many people, I had heard all of the misinformation put out by the media regarding the dangers of steroid use; I bought into most of it. However, when I purchased Mr. Hart's Layman's Guide III, I devoured it.

Soon, I had enough information to feel comfortable enough to try my first cycle, and Iím very glad that I did. Mr. Hart has a wealth of knowledge that permeates the entire volume of Layman's Guide III, as was also the case for the preceding two volumes. I've also read those, by the way!

Anyway, I feel that Mr. Hart's incredible knowledge on the subject of steroid use removes many of the perceived dangers and risks from trying steroids for the first time.

If you are nervous or unsure about whether or not steroids are for you, buy and read Volume III, then you can make a real informed decision on the issue, instead of relying simply on what the media tells you.

I mean, if you just listen to the media, you would think that every pit bull in the world is a bloodthirsty, child-eating dog. However, use your common sense! I own a pit bull, and he's a ripped up, muscle-bound pussy!

The truth is, the media gets on a bandwagon, going in force against these key, button-pushing issues. Steroids, like pit bulls, is one of these issues, and while I'll speak out for pit bulls not being a bad breed of dog, I'll leave it to Mr. Hart to explain to you the true benefits of steroid use, as well as put into a true perspective what side-effects one may encounter.

He does so in Volume III, so buy it today! You wonít regret it. I certainly didnít, and I personally thank Mr. Hart for all of the new muscles I see in the mirror every morning.

- Brad

Loved the easy to read format of LF3. Being newbie it was nice finding a resource that would give me the infomation that I needed to plan properly and mot make mistakes.

- Jay

Very informative guide spoken in his words, nit technojargon of a psuedo-scientist trying to baffle you with Bullshit! FActs presented based on his actual experience, as opposed to rehashing "what someone heard about a guy who did some shit with some stuff that his buddy found".

In other words read it then do what's right for you, but be warned he won't be gentle if you read it and then ask if twice the dose is gonna work twice as well.

- Bill Riley 

Laymans Guide III is one of the most informative guides I have read. 1 & 2 were very good. Good out lay and simple instructions. But 3 seemed to though it all together and had a touch of the new feel to this under ground world. If you need knowledge this is the ONLY guide I would offer to a friend. Thanks Layman.

- Michael Fitzpatrick

You want steroid information, well look no further than the Sensai of steroid and bodybuilding information, Mick Hart. Honest, informative, respected, get what you see type of guy.

The Laymans Guide 3, is miles ahead of any competition there maybe out there? A master piece, congratulations Mick, it just keeps getting better!

- Tony Kirwin

I buy almost all of Micks releases as they come out - reason being the advice is priceless. You always know what you are getting from Mick - dodgy jokes but superb, truthfull informationabout what to expect, what to do and most important how to do it to get the best results from the gear your putting your faith in.

Steroids are not magic - sit around, train wrong, don't eat right and you will waste your money and fuck yourself up - Mick tells it straght - it can be a dangerous game and is not for everybody - if it is for you - you need Micks products.

- Paul TM Smith

Best steriod guide to use ever.

- Dave

Hi my name is Roy living in ireland.I bought the laymans 3 and i have to say its the best money i spent in years, not only will it save you money but the knowledge it gives you would take years to gather.

It's a must have for any person who trains (especially beginners)why i say this is because any Question you need answered is in it from (steroids, training, diet, programs, recovery and most of all SAFETY).

I guarantee not only will you read and put in to practice most of whats in the book but you will keep going back to the book for references.

Look i could write here all day about the book go away and buy it you see what i am on about you will save the price of the book a hundred times over on steroids because you wouldnt need have the gear you think you need.ENJOY THE KNOWLEDGE.

- Roy Thomas

From being anti-roids to putting things into perspective and seeing what beneits can be achieved when common sense is used - this guide is a must read and a constant point of reference. Have read many books, websites and mail groups, this guide is the core of what I need to know and how and when to use it. Now if only the medical sector read this and stop the scaremongering! Mick, you have done us all a huge service - thank you.

- Rob Jandy

Really eye opening to the range of possibilities, very easy to understand could save you hours, TRY IT NOW!

- Raven

I was very unsure about what appeared to be a very complicated and confusing subjectmatter with so many so called authorities dispensing contradictory information at every turn.Laymans guide 111 clarified and made simple all those areas and reassured me with regards to the safe usage of anabolic steroids.

I gained a lean 21 lbs over a 10 week period and kept 15lbs. Once again thanks Mick.

- Paul McDonald

Well i enjoyed it very much i have your laymans 1 and 2 and 3 and the chris report and your tears on the keybord i once was an member of your steriod enclopedia but i don,t understand how it works over there, but i,m considering it again but your work is very clear and understandable. And if you write something now I'm sure to buy it.

- Edo Cohen 

I found this guide to be very usefull and honest about steroid use, it's a bit of a minefield out their if you dont know what your doing and at the end of the day your messing with your body and you only got one!

So with Mick's help you can make informed decitions about what you want and how to acheive it safely, their are alot of people out their who just want to rip you off and probably give you duff infomation along the way, but i can honestly say Micks work is worth every penny and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Also the help he offers in other areas is great too, all you goto do is ask, dont know how he does it but he does it well!! THANK YOU!!

- Nigel Taylor

A great read!!! Have all 3 Laymans Guides now & each one gives you what you want... Top class information with no frills, honest opinions from someone who knows exactly what he's talking about because he's been there himself! All of the advice i've followed has given me exactly what he said it would! LG3 the best yet! 

- Nick Ward

LG3 is a great starters guide to anabolics. It contained many good cycles and lots of info about different products. It contains information that teaches how to effectively and safely use anabolics. It also contained ample information on training routines and diet. It is a very complete source.

- Jay Roberts

I love it. The greatest thing since sliced bread, as they say, and almost as easy.

- papadoc32(AT)mac.com 

As the owner of LG1 & LG2 I was delighted to receive my copy of LG3, the content is of course superb plus the print quality and colour really make for an impressive publication. As always Mick tells it as it is and gives advice based on reality and personal tried and tested knowledge. 

- David Court

 "Instructions" "Blueprints": we all need to learn, and to continue to learn through life, and adjust, and again learn some more, however we usually learn through mistakes!!! This is an option I CAN DO WITHOUT!!! Needless to say "so can we all" with the laymans guide 1 2 and 3, or all of them you are "GUARANTEED" to avoid costly mistakes, buy recieving "Expert tuition" so avoid irreparable damage to "Your body and Health" and learn slowly and safely with the laymans guides.

- Paul

Nowhere else will you find someone who is as honest, straight-forward, and as experienced as Mick Hart. Layman's Guide 3 will break down everything you need to know about gear and its use. I was debating using gear, and there is so much misleading information out there. LG3 helped make my cycle safe and effective, with absolutely no side effects. There is not a single other source in this world I would turn to for questions or information about gear.

- Josh Kessler

Dear, Mr Hart, I totally endorse your product to any and all future weightlifters who aspire to have a fit body with the use of anabolics. Im a 43 year old male with stamina and a zest for life following your bible(lg3). thank you. 


Well, I dont know where to begin. So, here goes. I am the type of person who tries to understand things in a black and white manner. Before I started reading Mick Heart's information (i.e. - Laymans Guide, etc...), i was in the dark and confused about certain issues.

Mick definitely does his best to give you the bread and butter of training, nutrition, supplemental use, anabolics, and much more, without filler material. What he will give you will benefit you, and may even save your life!

Seriously. The Layman's Guide III is a really phenomenal read. It covers the raw basics and then some of training, proper beginner cycles, proper nutrition. My goodness, it cover everything an avid beginner bodybuilder would want to know! It even has proven workouts for specifically designed for home gyms, as well as workouts for commercial gym use.

The video is definitely an advantage because it allows you to tie together all of the information Mick puts into the LG III.

Plain and simple, the Layman's Guide III will help the beginner, intermediate, or even advanced bodybuilder in building a strong physique while staying healthy and happy, and not overtraining.

- Chris Delon

As usual Mick Hart tells nothing but the truth. Completely free of Bull! LG3 is 1st class. They just keep geting better. ANYBODY wanting to seriously increase gains HAS to have this. Thanks once again Mick.

- Geoff Rauf

The laymans guideIII, is an imformative, no-nonsense, easy to understand reference to all you need to know. With advice on training and cycles from someone in the know itsa a gold mine of imformation. I great addition to the laymans guide series. If its straight to the point, no bull information your after then is the place to look. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the laymans guide to you all.

- Martin Smith

Laymans Guide III What a fantastic book, I got the guides I and II first and totally enjoyed reading them So the The Laymans Guide III had to follow.

The Laymans Guide III covers all topics in a very clear and easy to understand way. The technical information is there but its wrote in plain English for people that donít have a masters degree in chemistry lol.

This book strips away all the myths, crapp, and rubbish and leaves you with the clear down to earth facts on what works and what doesnít. I realy began to understand how things worked rather than just being confused.

The Laymans Guide III is much more than just a laymans guide, I find after reading and soaking in the information I now know much more than most long term bodybuilders at my gym so everyone can learn a lot from this book not just beginners.

Its good to get some clear usefull advice on how to do things correctly and avoid the pitfalls, most advice on this subject is so ambiguous and hidden behind so much technical rubbish it leaves your head spinning. This book is never contradictory, and gives you just the facts, no hype.

I like the more isnít better attitude, and that with safe use there are no side effects, very wise and very good information, you donít need a JCB to crack open an egg do you! now im ďin the knowĒ its obvious a lot of people, through lack of information, take too much in the wrong way, and rely on geer rather than training, diet and lifestyle.

I would like to have known a little more on time off and pct ie. How much time to have off between cycles. And information on what can work inbetween. But other than that a truly remarkable book that steers in the right direction for success, gives good advice from someone who is obviously very wise on his subject. Everybody gets different results from this stuff, get out there and find what works for you!

Theres no need to sit at your computer and read all the technical information known to man, all you need is a copy of this book! The Laymans Guide III its all there, anything extra isnít worth knowing, and will only lead to confusion!

- Mark

Mick After reading LG3 I decided to try out some of the cycles and training methods i am at present half way through these and must say i'm happy with the gains that are starting to appear.

- matt burt

 Got to say the laymans guide III like its predecessers is full of new and useful information. Evan though ill most probably never use steroids i wanted to get some info on their use, these guides give you all you need know and more.

There is alot more besides steroids and anyone buying the guides will be more than happy they did, could be a life saver!

- daryl.panks1(AT)ntlworld.com

 AS a newer member to the board (12mths) i have brought laymens 1+2 and now 3. I have found the info on training, nutrition and cycles in laymens 3 to be fantastic. I had no real knowledge b4 but now feel able to take the first steps safely!It is the best money ever spent Thanks Mick and keep up the good work.

- Rob Preston

 This is an excellent source of information on synthetic stimulation! i own every book written by mick hart and love all his work. he has simplified and this book truly is a laymans guide to steroid use. he truly is an anchor in a sea of doubt.

- Joe Garcia

 What I like most about the LG III is its simplistic way of expressing and re-interpreting jargon. It very clear and a no nonsense primer for those who want motivating text on improving your physique.

I read and re-read the guide and now with the fall approaching I am preparing for a serious dedicated focused regimen to put the principles, recommendations and suggestions to work. Look forward to sending you the BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

- Terry Waller

 The Laymans Guide III gives open and honest advice. Previously like a lot of people I had trawled across the net, getting contradictory advice. The Laymans Guide cuts through the crap and tells it as it is. I just wish I had found it earlier! 

- Darren Knowles

Limited Special Offer...

     If money was my main aim in life I would without doubt ask several hundred dollars for this information. And it would be fair to ask someone to pay that, as you'll see below.

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     You may already have the "Chris Report" which details my son's development from zero to British Championship qualifier in less than 1 year - all of which we detailed in a superb training report which we very cleverly called "The Chris Report".

     Well he hasn't stopped there and his continued development is very exciting. Take a look for yourself at his preparation for the latest British Championships:

Chris - Mass Phase

Chris - Cutting Phase - 1 Year Later

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Free Bonus #2: A Downloadable Copy Of
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  • Orals v Injectables

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  • Steroids and Supplements

  • Stacking and Pyramiding

  • Side Effects

  • Injectables

  • Orals

  • Q & A's

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     Here's some feedback from people who already own the Layman's Guides I and II - have a read and you'll see why you can be certain that the information I publish is NOT like the rest of the CRAP out there!   

"I learned more about steroids from these two books than I did from over ten years gym time..."

"I also learned that using anabolic steroids need not be as dangerous and haphazard as I previously thought. Along with this the books also contain a lot of nutritional and training information that made me approach my training in a completely different and much more productive way.

I seriously recommend these manuals to anybody who not only cares about their training but about their health. Serious information delivered in a manner everyone can understand.

A great read."

- Davyk
Liverpool, England.

"I recently purchased the Laymans Guide- WOW...
just started a cycle and was about to fuck it all up based on this goof ball I had met in the gym..."

"Dear Mick,

I just received your e-mail and wanted to let you know that you rock. I had recently started taking gear and the only real help I had was from the actual supplier and the other guys in the gym. As you can probably imagine the information was shall we say conflicting.

I checked out a lot of different sites but it all seemed like the same boring bullshit- not really telling me what I needed to now. Your sight and e-mails have been instrumental in me making the proper gains on gear and not screwing myself by listening to a lot of so called experts.

I recently purchased the Laymans Guide- WOW. That is what I have been looking for and right on time. I had just started a cycle and was about to fuck it all up based on this goof ball I had met in the gym who claimed to be a certified trainer, steroid expert, etc.(basically a know it all asshole who really doesn't know jack shit)

Thank you for all of your great, straight forward information. Just to let you know I have not picked up a body building magazine or any other such related materials since getting hooked up with you. It all just seems like mindless dribble compared to you and what is up with all the advertisements? Are they trying to help or are they just after my money. (That's a rhetorical question)

Thank you again and congratulations on your work with Chris. He looks great. Thanks to you I am on my way there too."

- Brian Sundermann

"Anyone interested in bodybuilding, let alone steroids would do well to see for themselves what Mick Hart has to offer, from beginner to competitor!"

"Hello Mick, I first heard of you by accident while searching the web for information on steroids, most of the sites are crap!

I purchased the laymans guides...

You have answered my questions on the phone, you have answered my mails... excellent service, anyone interested in bodybuilding, let alone steroids would do well to see for themselves what Mick Hart has to offer, from beginner to Competitor!

I would like to thank you for your time and trouble in helping me and I feel very comfortable with the knowledge that if I need help you are there for me.

All the best."

- Paul

"Read both books the weekend that I
bought them, they were brilliant"

"I feel I've learnt so much from them, in fact, I still refer to them for any questions I have. They have exercise and gear plans that are easy to understand and follow. Also now I know what the juice that I get is best for e.g mass, or conditioning. Money well spent and I havent got a lot of it to go around. Cheers Mick."

- Daniel

"I always like to fall back on the books just before
a cycle to make sure everything's 100%"

"I have read both laymens guides and found them to be very enjoyable and informative. I now work out my own cycles utilising the steroid references in your books. I always like to fall back on the books just before a cycle to make sure everything's 100%.

 Cheers Mick. Gold dust."

- Colin

"Your laymans guides have taught me a lot, especially that sane steroid use can be safe and effective."

"The Layman's Guides are great. I especially liked the second one. Ive been looking at the internet for advice for a few years as to how to start taking gear, but the responses from people always seemed to be to strong.

They were telling me, a steroid virgin, to take 600 of Deca per week and 500 of sust per week combined. I now know that this is to much for a first time user, and, unlike some advice that Ive recieved in the past, im going to use nolvadex all through the cycle to be on the safe side. Im going to be starting my first cycle next week of 200 deca a week for eight weeks, and D-bol in a gradual increase, then decrease order.

Your laymans guides have taught me a lot, especially that sane steroid use can be safe and effective."

- Jackson

"Everyone who wants this kind of information should buy these books"

"The Laymans Guides in my opinion, have got to be the two best books that I have ever purchased. I do believe, without a doubt that everyone who wants this kind of information should buy these books.

This was by far, the best money I have spent. Please keep me on your regular mailing list. My sincere thanks."


- Brad

"...a welcome change from the pap we're fed elsewhere..."

"Thanks for your first-rate customer support. I downloaded and read TLGS parts I & II in one sitting. Never thought it might be a page-turner. Obviously, I'll need to re-read it; for there is info that I'll need to recall as well as recognize.

BTW, the humor and frankness with which you discuss the issues are a most welcome change from the pap we're fed elsewhere. - Fine job!!"

- No name given

"I went from knowing pretty much nothing about steroids to knowing most of what I needed to know."

"As to the laymans guides that I purchased I think they are awesome. I went from knowing pretty much nothing about steroids to knowing most of what I needed to know. From the books I've decided which and how much gear to take, what to stay away from. I think they are an invaluable source of knowledge. And I have to thank Mick for writing these, and giving those of us that haven't had the expirience the knowledge we need to use gear safely. -By far a job greately done."

- Gareth

"I would say this is one of the best book to have"

"I would say this is one of the best book to have as a beginner or long time participant, full of Micks' humor but more so the truth that the AMA and the Feds do not want you to know it would take away someones job policing something as beneficial as AS. So here is to you who worked so hard on this project the world needs you so KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!"

- Dr. Arthur R. Calas Ph.D.
California, U.S.A.

"...they made a shitload more sense than any of the other information I have read over the years..."

"Mick, have read both LG 1 & 2 and I gotta tell you they made a shitload more sense than any of the other information I have read over the years. That includes many of the medical publications that go around expousing the so called 'truth' about gear.

Cheers for the info and in the meantime I need to hit the gym. Thanks."

- DH

"The books are very useful and I cant wait to start seeing results..."

"The books are very useful and I cant wait to start seeing results. The injection procedure chapter was explained in a way that gave me the courage to do it myself and Mick was right, it was painless!! That eliminated the need to arrange for someone to help me, which in my case is not so easy to do. Thanks for your help. Sincerly,"

- Nick

"It's good to see someone with enough balls to stand up in the middle of a media controlled society and tell it like it really is specially when it comes to steriods."

"It's good to see someone with enough balls to stand up in the middle of a media controlled society and tell it like it really is specially when it comes to steriods.

People have been brain fucked for so long about the subject that to even mention the word steroids is futile It's been labeled and stuck on the shelf under sterotype.

Someone that I admire and respect very much once told me that people perish from lack of knowledge not only are they blind but they make it impossible for others to see. Popular opinion isn't always the best path to take.

The truth is out there but sometimes we have to get off our lazy asses and do a little of that four letter word called work to find it.

I think the story about the guy doing squats with the gear up his ass sums it up, not only was it funnier than hell the point was well made. You have both courage and character Mick, for that I thank you and I hope you continue to let your light shine for those who really want to know the truth about steriods and to those who don't, well fuck em."

- James

"...everything I have read has been awesome..."

"I just want to say that everything I have read has been awesome. I am very new to the bodybuilding world. I have only been involved for around 2yrs now. I have used a lot of your advice in the gym and it has worked to my advatange. Just want to say thanx."

- Frank Rap


"Mick has a fantastic reputation as both an expert in steroids and also training - he has trained many very successful bodybuilders"

"Here in the UK Mick has a fantastic reputation as both an expert in steroids and also training - he has trained many very successful bodybuilders. I have a great deal of respect for him (I've known about him for around 10 years, I first bought some copies of his magazine 'No Bull' when at university) and so I looked forward greatly to reading his steroid books - I looking forward to reading something a little special.

I wasn't let down. :) Mick has a straight from the hip, no messing conversational style of writing and his hum our is second to none. It makes reading his work a real joy. I think he could make a book about how to get paint to dry entertaining!! If you've read any of Mick's stuff you will know just how entertaining he is....."

- Bodybuilding-ebooks.com

"I have a few friends who are going through some tough times because they abused some gear for quite a while. I wish they had these books years ago to lead them in the right direction."

"Dear Mick Hart, I have recently purchased both your books and read them from cover to cover the moment I downloaded it. I thought they were fantastic. Steroids, if used incorrectly, are a real hazard to one's health. I have a few friends who are going through some tough times because they abused some gear for quite a while. I wish they had these books years ago to lead them in the right direction. If I ever do decide to take steroids you better believe these two books will be right by my side the whole way through. Thank you for your expertise on the subject."

- David
New York

"To think that I don't have to take a crap load
of juice to get the size I want is a relief."

"Hey Mick I read the first Layman's guide and it was great. To think that I don't have to take a crap load of juice to get the size I want is a relief. I see so many people on the forums spouting you need to take 800mg of sust and 50mg of d-bol and 400mg of Deca to get the results you want. I'm looking forward to reading the second Layman's guide. Thank you for all the info Mick and a couple of laughs to go with it."

- Glenn

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